Brief History of 29 Draycott Place

29 Draycott Place (built c.1887) was a private residence until the late 1950’s. The Victorian red brick façade has housed many changes, from stately family home to separate apartments through the 1970’s and 80’s then in 1991 re-developed and restored lovingly as a boutique luxury hotel.

Sue Rogers, a famous interior designer, turned the house into The Sloane Hotel with an exquisite dozen rooms and suites.

With the same care she would have used for her own home, Mrs. Rogers chose every item of the decoration at antique auctions and design markets. Each room was a masterpiece, furnished with beautiful fabrics and lace bedspread.

The Sloane was sold in 1999, contents and all, to a young French woman Delphine Geron who had ideas of her own about this little hotel’s future.

After a few months an ambitious project began to extend the hotel to no.31 Draycott Place. The following year saw the hotel grow to a maximum capacity of twenty bedrooms and suites, all decorated meticulously in keeping with the trend set by original owner Sue Rogers almost ten years before.

A growing young family led to Ms. Geron’s decision to sell and pass her project onto a new owner.

With traditional English and French influences, The Sloane attracted the attention of Italian born Marisa Melpignano and it was sold in 2005.

An entrepreneur in her home country and owner of the stunning Masseria San Domenico on the Adriatic coast of Puglia, Mrs. Melpignano transformed The Sloane into what is now known as San Domenico House.