10 Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Winter weddings take a little extra planning to get right, but the results can be fantastic. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some top tips for your own special day…

Choose your theme

This is an important thing to consider regardless of the time of year your wedding is being held. You might want to make the season an integral part of the event, theming everything around the wintry weather. Alternatively, it could serve as inspiration without being the linchpin of the event.

Consider any weather-specific additions

This time of year lends itself to cosy wedding plans, such as warming drinks at the wedding reception and outdoor firework displays. This is a great opportunity to be creative! Be aware that it might rain, so include shelter if you do opt for outdoor space.

Layer up

Spring and summer weddings might be the ideal time for a sleeveless wedding dress, but in winter, this could leave you feeling the chill! Opt for layering; invest in a shrug or jacket which looks great, and encourage attendees to do the same.

Visit the venue

We recommend visiting at night, so you can get a look at how it will appear in the evening. For London weddings, you could organise a special venue scouting trip, staying at 5 star hotels in Chelsea for some added luxury.

Focus on lighting

As it will get dark earlier, you need to pay attention to the lighting of your wedding venue. There are lots of creative options – including everything from simple tea lights to more elaborate lighting centrepieces.

Plan alternatives

Depending on the weather forecast, you may want to ensure there are a few alternatives in place. Will your photography spot still work if it snows? Where will guests park? What happens if one of the suppliers you’re working with can’t reach the venue? Consider all avenues to ensure the day goes smoothly at luxury hotels in Chelsea.

Travel early

On the day itself, leave earlier than you would normally. This will help you get over some of the major travel issues which can occur in the winter.

Work with a wedding planner

It helps to work with a professional, particularly if your wedding is taking place at an unconventional time of year. They’ll be able to help you work through any potential problems, and some of the best 5 star hotels in Chelsea offer a wedding planner or event coordinator on-site.

Consider heating

Does your venue have a heating system? Get to grips with this part of your wedding planning, as you don’t want to boil your guests – or leave them to freeze!

Make the most of the season

Winter weddings allow you to be far more lavish and ostentatious than other seasons – think elaborate carriages, faux fur coats and rustic furnishings. There is no reason not to make the most of the winter.