4 Art Exhibitions to Look Forward to in London

art exhibition

London is a great city for art lovers, with a wide variety of fantastic art-focused venues and a diverse selection of exhibitions throughout the year. As 2019 draws to a close, here are four of the best exhibits to look out for in the coming months…

1.) Cao Fei: Blueprints

Serpentine Gallery
4th March – 17th May 2020

This upcoming exhibition focuses on the work of acclaimed multi-media artist and filmmaker Cao Fei. Based in Beijing, the artist uses a range of mixed media to help encourage the viewer to think more clearly about the role technology has on our everyday lives.

The Serpentine Galleries have created this impressive new exhibition for 2020, bringing together a selection of both new and well-known works from Cao Fei, including everything from installations to immersive features.

One for true art fans staying at the San Domenico Hotel London, the exhibition is particularly pertinent to the modern age, when technology is finding its way into our lives and homes at a rapid pace.

2.) British Baroque: Power & Illusion

Tate Britain
4th February – 19th April 2020

For the first time in its history, the Tate Britain will be hosting a show dedicated to Baroque art and its impact on Britain. With work from the latter years of the 17th century, the exhibition gathers together many artworks which have never been displayed publicly before.

For centuries, they have been featured on the walls at stately homes, but now Tate Britain will be showcasing them to the general public. Key artists include the likes of Peter Lely, James Thornhill and Godfrey Kneller – all hugely significant painters of the Baroque period. If you’re an art fan staying at luxury suites in London, this is not to be missed.

3.) Radical Figures: Painting in the New Millennium

Whitechapel Gallery
6th February – 10th May 2020

This exhibition launches in early 2020 at the Whitechapel Gallery, one of London’s foremost art galleries. The venue will host this celebration of the latest and greatest artists currently tackling complex and difficult contemporary subjects through their work. Ten painters in particular have been picked for their relevance to the exhibit, each of which is considered to have their finger on the pulse. During your stay at hotels near Saatchi Gallery, this is a great way to engage with the latest trends and themes in modern art.

4.) Toyin Ojih Odutola: A Countervailing Theory

26th March – 26th July 2020

The first ever UK exhibition from artist Toyin Ojih Odutola, the exhibition showcases pieces which use pen drawings as a kind of storytelling tool, incorporating additional materials like charcoal to weave complex tales which strongly reflect the real world.

The artist uses the visual arts in a similar way to a written story, and fuses familiar and unfamiliar themes from areas like ancient history, alongside contemporary politics and culture.