4 Things to Do in Hyde Park This Winter

Rose Garden Hyde Park

London’s parks and green spaces are hugely popular, not only with Londoners, but with visitors to the city. Hyde Park is one of the best parks on offer, so let’s take a quick look at four of the best things to do here during your winter trip…

Explore the local wildlife

Hyde Park is home to a diverse selection of flora and fauna, many of which flourish during the winter months. On your next visit to London, be sure to head for the meadow area to get a glimpse at both what the area once looked like, and the increasingly complex habitat which continues to develop to this day.

Particular favourites are the songbirds (including robins) and the pigeons and squirrels who can regularly be found here. Hyde Park is also a popular spot with bats, who flock around the Serpentine Bridge and can be viewed at dusk while staying at hotels in Chelsea UK.

Visit Speakers’ Corner

A traditional space which champions free speech in all its forms, Speakers’ Corner was established in the mid-1800s, and has since become a rallying point for demonstrations, protests and speeches. If you want to see the latest in public discourse during a wintry walk, head to the North-East of the park to visit the spot where figures such as Lenin, Orwell and Marx all once gathered.

This will prove particularly popular with socially-conscious visitors staying at a Chelsea Hotel in London during the colder months.

Take a trip to Winter Wonderland

This wintry extravaganza is one of the major reasons to visit Hyde Park during the winter, helping to get you into the festive spirit in no time at all. The event features an eclectic selection of entertainment and activities, including the chance to go ice skating, visit a winter market or enjoy a fairground ride.

While the event takes place each year, 2019 promises to be the most impressive yet – with an enormous observation wheel helping to bring more fun to an already exciting feast for the senses. There’ll be free-flowing food and drink, as well as the opportunity to get warm in a festive grotto. If you’re in need of a few Christmas gifts, then Winter Wonderland is also a great place to stop by during your next stay at hotels in Chelsea UK, as there will be plenty of artisan crafts and unusual items available to purchase.

Head to the Rose Garden

This beautiful corner of Hyde Park was first opened in 1994, and designed by prestigious landscape architects. It was developed to showcase a vast variety of different roses, ensuring seasonal varieties are in bloom all year round.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy the architectural delights of this part of the park, which include the Boy and Dolphin Fountain, created in 1862, and a fountain statue of Diana the Huntress, which was designed in 1899.