5 eye-popping new art exhibitions to muse over this month

National Portrait Gallery

London is a mecca for up and coming artists and art lovers, so there’s always a new exhibition worth visiting during your stay in the city.

As the weather begins to warm up this summer, so does the selection of eye-popping new art exhibitions, so here are a few of our top picks that you won’t want to miss when you stay in Chelsea London.

Only Human: Martin Parr

National Portrait Gallery, Leicester Square

If you’ve been keeping track of what’s been happening in UK politics recently, you might have already heard of Martin Parr’s Only Human exhibition that shows the work of the country’s favourite documenter of our endlessly conflicted national identity.

To get to the gallery from San Domenico Hotel London, simply hop on the Tube and head for Leicester Square, and you’ll reach the National Portrait Gallery in just a few minutes.

The Renaissance Nude

Royal Academy of Arts, Mayfair

If you’re looking for eye-popping art, then the Renaissance Nude exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts will certainly tick that box!

The great thing about a stay in Chelsea London is that you’re only a stone’s throw away from Mayfair, so you’ll be able to enjoy this exhibition without having to rely on public transport. This is a great choice for taking a leisurely stroll through the streets as you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy everything this iconic gallery has to offer.

Henry Moore: The Helmet Heads

Wallace Collection, Marylebone

If fine art isn’t exactly your thing, then the Wallace Collection has a secret.

Down in the depths of this building you’ll find a collection of armour that inspired artist Henry Moore to create a unique collection of sculptures that you can visit today at the place that he first received his inspiration back in the 1920s.

To get there from the San Domenico Hotel London, take the Tube from Chelsea to Marylebone using the Jubilee line and you’ll be there in just 16 minutes.

Edvard Munch: Love and Angst

The British Museum

One of Norway’s most famous artists, everyone will have seen at least one piece of art from Edvard Munch. For those lucky enough to have booked a stay in Chelsea London before the 21st of July, you can see even more as this collection is here to delight visitors to London wishing to explore more of his iconic artwork.

Just take the Piccadilly line, and you’ll be enjoying this exhibition in just over twenty minutes.

Art Now: Joanna Piotrowska: All Our False Devices

Tate Britain

As part of a wider exhibition that introduces new talent to the London art scene, Joanna Piotrowska’s work features in a brand-new collection that shows adults from all over the world taking part in a typically childlike activity – building duvet forts!

Playful and engaging, you’re sure to want to pay a visit to the Tate Britain to see this quirky new collection if you enjoy modern art.