7 of London’s Most Intimate Music Venues

Music Venue

The King’s Road is one of London’s most famous shopping streets, filled with stunning boutiques and retail spaces which regularly attract visitors from all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at six of our favourite boutiques for you to visit on your next visit to the city.

1.) Wilton’s

London’s entertainment scene once included a vast number of bustling music halls, and Wilton’s is a valuable glimpse at that past. The venue is a nostalgic trip into the city’s history, with a mid-19th century music hall space as well as a pub. First opened in 1859, Wilton’s has undergone significant renovation and restoration, reopening to the public in 2015.

It’s one of the most unique music venues in London, as well as an intimate space to listen to music while staying at luxury hotel suites in Chelsea.

2.) St John at Hackney

More than 200 years old, this parish church doubles as an intimate space for music performances. Its hosted a variety of top acts over the years, including major figures from the British music scene such as Florence & the Machine and Coldplay.

Tickets are often quite difficult to get, but its well worth the effort for the experience during your stay at San Domenico House Chelsea London.

3.) Union Chapel

Situated within a historic chapel in Islington, Union Chapel is now an iconic nightspot. First built during the 19th century, it isn’t only a music venue, but also has both a religious and philanthropic edge.

Union Chapel still functions as a church day-to-day, and also provides a busy drop-in centre for Londoners who find themselves homeless. If this isn’t reason enough to support the venue, then its regular roster of great musical performances will certainly draw you in.

There’s no standing room, but plenty of seating space and room for 800 guests. The venue also includes a licensed bar on its first level, with all proceeds going to charity.

4.) The Dublin Castle

Located in Camden Town, this tiny music venue is an iconic part of Camden Town’s music scene, with a character which is entirely its own.

Both a pub and a gig space, The Dublin Castle was originally built for the Irish population of London, but has since developed a strong following amongst locals in this area.

5.) Royal Hospital Chelsea

Not strictly a music venue, but a hospital and home to over 300 veterans, the Royal Hospital Chelsea regularly hosts intimate gigs in its outdoor space. The atmosphere is relaxed and offbeat, making it a lovely place to visit during fine weather.

6.) Roughtrade East

A music store which doubles as a live music venue, Roughtrade East sells a plethora of fantastic albums and rare finds, sure to impress even the most discerning music fan.

Demand for gigs here tends to be particularly high, with VIP guests popping in for intimate gigs from time to time. This makes it one of our favourite music venues for guests at San Domenico House Chelsea London.

7.) St Pancras Old Church

One of Britain’s oldest churches also doubles as a great local music venue, boasting a capacity for just 120 people. However, the church also has a vast number of gigs planned throughout the year, all taking place within a unique and historic space.