A brew with a view – the best craft breweries in London


The UK has seen an explosion in the popularity of craft beers recently, so it’s little wonder that London has seen so many craft breweries and craft beer pubs pop up all over the city.

If you are hoping for a ‘hoppy’ adventure to sample some of the best craft brews the UK has to offer, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll be spoilt for choice when staying at the San Domenico House Hotel. We’ve compiled this short guide to the best brews with a view, so you know exactly where to head as soon as you’ve checked in to our 5-star hotels in Chelsea.


Lovers of all things beer related will have already heard of the BrewDog brand, but now that you’re here staying with us at the San Domenico House Hotel, you can take part in the BrewDog experience for yourself!

Located just a few minutes via Tube from our 5-star hotels in Chelsea, you can choose from the Camden, Soho or Paddington locations. Whichever you opt for, you’ll be able to sample an array of brilliant brews from here in the UK and further afield.

Those that prefer a more scaled-back approach to interior design will appreciate the dark wood interiors and lack of pomp that the BrewDog venues offer because let’s face it, it’s all about the beer!

The Craft Beer Co.

If you prefer a vintage feel in a thriving London hotspot while sampling the yeasty delights on offer, head over to Covent Garden and The Craft Beer Co.

Featuring amazing vintage styled décor, this unique pub is open to walk-in visitors but you can also pre-book tasting sessions so your entire group can enjoy one-to-one attention and insight from one of the company’s experienced and knowledgeable staff. They’ll guide you through the extensive drinks menu and ensure that those tasting paddles are kept replenished during your visit.

To reach Covent Garden from the San Domenico House Hotel, simply take the Tube (Piccadilly line) and you’ll reach the Covent Garden area in just under 20 minutes. One of the added bonuses of this venue is you’ll also be in beautiful Covent Garden, with its cobbled streets and covered market.

The Cooper’s Arms

If you’re craving the cosy, authentic vibe of a traditional London pub but still want to whet your appetite for more craft beer, you’ll find plenty of great pubs just a short stroll from our 5-star hotels in Chelsea.

The Cooper’s Arms is a particularly noteworthy choice located in Chelsea thanks to its nostalgic, Victorian Dickensian charm and wide selection of delicious craft beers. The menu changes on a regular basis too so it’s well worth a repeat visit next time you’re in town.

During your visit to the Cooper’s Arms, you might notice one of the pubs more unusual residents, Ruby the Moose. She comes will an interesting tale of how she came to grace the wall of the old Chelsea pub, so don’t forget to ask the bar staff to fill you in on her history while they replenish your glass with more delicious craft beer.