Bond in Motion at the London Film Museum – a guide for 007 fans

Car at exhibition

Fans of James Bond have reason to rejoice during their next trip to London, thanks to the new Bond in Motion exhibition at Covent Garden’s London Film Museum.

As one of the UK’s biggest exports, the Bond franchise spans decades and covers everything from books to films and an extensive collection of memorabilia. The Bond in Motion exhibition focuses on one of the most important parts about 007 – the cars! In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the exhibition – giving you a sneak peak of what to expect…

Bond in Motion Exhibition

The London Film Museum is one of the most unusual museum spaces in the city, and this exhibition will be taking over the entire space for the duration of its run. With an interactive approach to showcasing the vehicles which have helped make Bond the world-conquering franchise it is today, visitors can explore a carefully curated selection of stunning cars as well as some of the items from the films which helped bring them to life on the silver screen.

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Which cars will be on display?

Plenty! Spanning the over 60 years of film history, the Bond in Motion exhibition will showcase not only the cars themselves, but a number of action sequence boards, concept art, props and miniature models – perfect for film enthusiasts and Bond fans alike visiting the San Domenico House Hotel Chelsea. Some of the key sights to look forward to include:

  • AW101 Helicopter

This helicopter was featured in a key chase sequence in 2012’s smash hit Bond instalment Skyfall, and will be on display for the first time right here in the UK.

  • Lotus Esprit S1

This car was features in famed Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, dated from 1977. The car is a major part of the exhibit as it was Bond’s own vehicle during the film.

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom III

This car was featured in 1964’s James Bond classic Goldfinger.

  • Aston Martin DB5

As featured in Goldeneye from 1995, the Aston Martin DB5 helped solidify James Bond’s return to the screen after several years of absence, and will also be one of the major draws for guests staying in London.

How do I get tickets?

Visitors to the San Domenico House Hotel Chelsea eager to see the exhibit can buy tickets on the door when they arrive, or alternatively tickets can be purchased online at the official London Film Museum website – a great option for this eager to beat the queues during their stay. They can also be purchased using the dedicated ticket phone line at 0207 202 7043.

Where can I find the exhibition?

The Bond in Motion Exhibition is being held at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden, which is open 7 days a week between 10am-6pm. The full address of the venue is 45 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7BN.