Finest dining: where’s best to eat out in Chelsea?

Dinning San Domincos
Dinning San Domincos

There are few better reasons to stay close to home – or rather a Chelsea hotel London UK – during a visit to the UK capital, than the outstanding dining and imbibing options in the Chelsea and Kensington area. Here are six of the best…

Restaurant in Chelsea

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

(68 Royal Hospital Road SW3 4HP)

Where else for one of the world’s most exacting chefs to locate his flagship restaurant than in Chelsea? It focused on polished French dishes composed of outstanding ingredients, blended together in such a way as to deliver extraordinarily elegant-looking and fantastically-tasting food. Even the pouring of sauce at the tables doesn’t stint on visual impact.

Bonfire Restaurant

(55 Exhibition Road SW7 2PN)

Recognised for its opulent interior, this establishment specialises in upmarket Polish and Baltic cuisine; indeed, satisfied customers (many of them staying at the likes of San Domenico House hotel London United Kingdom) review it favourably for its fresh, wholesome and excellent dishes – the liver pancakes are claimed to be especially delicious.

Amaya Restaurant Grill & Bar

(Halkin Arcade, Motcomb Street SW1X 8JT)

An awesomely aromatic experience, this restaurant that focuses on stylish pan-Indian tapas is always a hit with those whose tastes are fine-tuned to excellent-tasting dishes. And, frankly, you’ll find its interior just as impressive as its deliciously ethnic menu, blessed as it is by a dining area of black granite, dark wood, terracotta statues and touches of modern art. If you want the full experience, be sure to seek out a table next to the open kitchen, so you might espy the staff cooking up your food on the clay tandoor, charcoal grill and griddle.

Drink Oyster Bar

(Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road SW3 6RD)

An off-shoot of the full-scale Michelin restaurant – located on the first-floor of this building, the UK HQ of the Michelin tyre company – this fine but breezy seafood café makes wonderful use of the location’s ground-floor tiled foyer, specialising (of course) in oyster-based offerings, which are lip-smackingly good. Indeed, four different oyster varieties are usually on offer – although those in the know swear by the generous helping of crab (in the shell), served with mustard-rich mayonnaise. The excellent wine menu mirrors that of the main restaurant upstairs.


(438 King’s Road SW10 0LJ)

Delivering globally-renowned cooking of true complexity (and, therefore, undeniable deliciousness), this marvellously indulgent restaurant truly does deliver exactly the dining experience you’d expect of a restaurant located right in the heart of Chelsea. To give you an idea of the salivating dishes on offer, consider these two starter options – ‘crisp calf’s brain with smoked duck breast, aïoli, pink fir potatoes and tardivo (raddichio)’ and ‘confit skate with razor-clam vinaigrette, purple sprouting broccoli, globe artichokes, Jersey Royals and salsify’. Who could turn down either of them, honestly?

The Champagne Bar

(354 King’s Road SW3 5UZ)

Finally, should you wish to seek a fabulously sophisticated night-out in Chelsea, then you can’t go far wrong visiting this exquisite champagne bar located on the penthouse floor of Beaufort House. Boasting large, large windows that fill the space with light, its generous cocktail list features not just champagne, of course, but also Martini-based cocktails, as well as shots, muddles and swizzles. Highly recommended is the ‘King’s Road Crush’ (featuring Finlandia grapefruit vodka, fresh raspberries, lemon juice and basil) and the ‘Spiced Pear Mojito’ (made up of Captain Morgan spiced rum, mint, pear purée, lime juice, vanilla sugar and crushed ice). Now that’s worth licking you lips at!