London’s freshest vegan restaurants for early summer eats


Londoners are often amongst the early adopters of new dining trends, and they were quick to jump on the vegan bandwagon. As veganism goes mainstream, on your visit to the city you will find plenty of choice at some of the top vegan restaurants London has to offer…

Black Cat Cafe


This Hackney favourite is known for its delicious, hearty vegan fare, which includes everything from vegan burgers to curries, cakes and sweet potato chips. Once an anarchic-feeling place, the Black Cat Cafe has since settled into a cosy, warming vibe where guests at the Hotel San Domenico House London can benefit from a great menu and comforting atmosphere. In addition, the cafe sells vegan ingredients direct to customers, so if you want to take a few finds home with you this is a fantastic place to start your summer vegan adventure.


Stoke Newington

Decorated in a daring pink colour scheme, Rasa has two venues – one on Bond Street and one in Stoke Newington. It is the latter branch which is entirely dedicated to veganism, and the food is delicious enough to warrant a visit!

With a South Indian-themed menu, planet-based guests dining with meat eaters can still pop to the Bond Street venue to benefit from an extensive selection of vegan dishes while staying at their hotel in Chelsea London.

Cook Daily

London Fields

Popular with London’s vegan crowd, Cook Daily was once situated in the Boxpark area, but has since relocated permanently to London Fields. The menu focuses largely on substituting meat dishes for vegan alternatives, including a vegan Full English Breakfast and a range of Thai-inspired curries.


Primrose Hill

This venue is popular with the Primrose Hill set, and whilst it was originally designed as a vegetarian haunt, it has since made the transition to a fully vegan restaurant. The dishes are inspired by international cuisine, providing a varied menu to enjoy while staying at the Hotel San Domenico House London.

The Gate


A high-end vegetarian restaurant with many vegan dishes on offer, the menu is sourced from all over the world in stylish and artfully decorated surroundings which were once a pub. Expect a blend of British, Japanese, Indian and Thai meals and a welcoming atmosphere.



Soho and its surrounding area are often ahead of the curve, and Mildreds is a fine example of this. One of the most popular vegan restaurants in the city, there are also vegetarian and gluten free dishes available – with clear markings to ensure visitors stick to their respective dietary needs.


Regent Street

A vegetarian restaurant which is owned and run by three brothers from Switzerland, Tibits has gained great popularity thanks to its range of vegan dishes. Tuesdays are entirely dedicated to vegan fare, whilst around 80% of the items on the menu always adhere to this policy – making it a must visit for vegans visiting London.