Major League Baseball comes to London this month – here’s what you need to know

Baseball Match

While London undeniably loves sport and hosts a wide range of world class sporting events throughout the year, London and Major League Baseball have not traditionally mixed. The sport is far more synonymous with the United States, though it is growing in popularity on UK shores and overseas. This is nowhere more evident than with the upcoming Major League Baseball fixtures, set to take place this month. Here’s the rundown on all you need to know ahead of the sporting action…

Major League Baseball reaches London

This will be the first time a Major League Baseball match has taken place in not only the UK, but all of Europe. Whilst they have already been staged outside of the US in locations such as Japan, Mexico and Australia, this is a major move towards popularising the sport outside of its domestic market, and if you’re staying at accommodation in Chelsea London, there’s no better way to engage with something new and pioneering.

The Major League Baseball association has said they want this to be the start of a long-running partnership, with plans for another match as soon as 2020.

Who’s playing?

The two teams going head to head are two of the biggest names in Major League Baseball – the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. These two heavy hitters will provide the perfect gateway to the sport for anyone eager to see a match yet unsure about baseball – whilst also giving established fans plenty to enjoy during their stay at the San Domenico House Chelsea Hotel.

Having already established a sporting rivalry, the stage is set for a big showdown over the weekend, and both teams have received considerable acclaim for their sporting prowess. However, this will be the first time they’ve ever played against one another outside of the United States, helping to add to the sheer magnitude of the two games.

Where is it happening?

Choosing the right venue was one of the most important decisions, and ultimately the London Stadium was selected. A world-class venue which was previously the Olympic Stadium for the 2012 Olympic Games, this is the ideal space for watching a match of this magnitude while you stay at accommodation in Chelsea London.

The stadium is easily accessed using public transport, with some of the best local links in the whole city. It’s also been noted for its accessibility, meaning all can join in with enjoying the thrill of great sport! There’s lots more reasons why London Stadium is the dream backdrop for the MLB – including the many options for enjoying great food and drink during the matches.

Where are the matches taking place?

The two forthcoming matches will take place on the 29th and 30th June 2019. Tickets are already selling fast as this is such a big sports event for the UK – but there are still some available via reputable ticket sellers.