Naturally ingenious night-times: evening events at the Natural History Museum

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shutterstock 261878531

One of London’s most popular family venues – and one of its most stunning, architecturally speaking – the Natural History Museum is a magnet for family visitors. However, not missing a trick, nowadays this South Kensington-located attraction (so, not far at all from the San Domenico House hotel London United Kingdom) regularly opens its doors come the evening for adults – and adults only – enabling them to enjoy its delights in quieter and more peaceful an environment. Yet, there’s more… because the museum’s now turned these late-night openings into special event evenings – and the following are two that visitors simply can’t miss…

Crime Scene Live

(25th June, 20th July, 21st September and 1st October; 6.30pm-10.30pm)

Have you ever fancied yourself as Sherlock Holmes? Or Inspector Morse? Or Jane Tennison? Well, now’s your chance to see whether you’ve got the goods to do what they do. Now’s your chance to try and catch a killer – a fictitious one, of course!

A four-hour activity evening that’ll see you scour the various areas of the Natural History Museum to track down and catch someone who’s a killer and who’s stolen a priceless artefact, this adults-only event, which sees the venue open only to participants, enables them to gather evidence, analyse facts and, yes, conduct their own experiments in their quest to discover the errant criminal and bring them to justice.

Deploying the science behind genuine crime-scene investigations, the team of sleuths that throws itself into action will attempt to piece together how, when, and where the crimes occurred and eliminate suspects; with the aid of forensic experts to offer their guidance and advice, as they learn how to analyse fingerprints and decode blood-splatter patterns via the hands-on help of real-life police officers and even discover how tiny animals can aid the determining of time of death.

Note: there’s no dress code for ‘Crime Scene Live’, but participants are advised to dress in trousers and flat shoes for practicality purposes.

Dino-Snores for Grown-Ups

(13th and 29th September and 2nd November; 6.30pm-9.30am)

Dinosaurs aren’t just for kids; any big kid knows that! Indeed, the fascination and magic associated with the great reptiles of prehistoric Earth never leave you, whether you’re nine or 99. And for those in between those two ages, this overnight event at the museum is bound to make for a belter of an evening (and sleepover!); one that’s more gigantic in its scope and all-round fun than even a fully-grown T-Rex.

Kicking-off with a welcoming drink as attendees set up their ‘camp’ in the museum’s magnificent central atrium, Hintze Hall (for a one-off night away from boutique hotels in London), the evening progresses into various different events and activities, each of which are designed to delight attendees with their dinosaur-related delights. So, to reel them off then, the evening’s set to include a three-course dinner; a tour around the venue’s galleries and temporary exhibitions; live music and stand-up comedy; a science show; a live animal workshop; a pub quiz; gin sampling (via Sipsmith); a dinosaur-themed games room; an all-night monster movie marathon and even edible insect tasting (for the non-squeamish!).

So, a fine event for groups of, yes, grown-ups who fancy an evening (and night) of dinosaur-driven fun and frolics, this is a chance to spend several hours surrounded by great company as they indulge all their senses and unwind and relax in one of the most beautiful and fascinating buildings in the whole of London. All that and drinks and nibbles will be available to purchase all night and there’s a slap-up English breakfast served in the morning. Now that’s something to roar about!