Our 4 favourite under-the-radar picnic spots

Richmond Park

London is a fabulous place to enjoy the great outdoors, with lots of activities happening throughout the summer months. If you simply want to kick back and relax, and if a summertime picnic sounds like your cup of tea, then the following lesser-known scenic spots will provide the ideal backdrop to your leisurely visit…

Crystal Palace Park

There’s ample green space to enjoy at Crystal Palace Park, yet it remains one of the most obscure spots for visitors to the city to discover. While staying at the San Domenico House Hotel, you’re within easy reach of the park. Situated in South London, Crystal Palace Park first became popular during the Victorian era, after it hosted the most famous exhibition of the era – the Crystal Palace Exhibition, championed by Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert.

The building which once stood here was built in 1854 and dismantled in 1935, but there’s plenty of oddities to enjoy nonetheless, in addition to stunning parkland and a lake. If you go exploring, you’ll find the curious Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, a series of statues which were created by Victorians and hide in amongst the trees. There’s also a museum, concert stage for outdoor events, sports centre and children’s farm all available to browse.

Richmond Park

Much loved by Londoners, but lesser-known by visitors to the city, Richmond Park is enormous, spanning some 2500 acres. It’s one of the city’s Royal Parks, and makes a suitable opulent place to have a picnic while you stay at your townhouse hotel in London. There’s lots of incredible wildlife in the area, including everything from bumblebees to birds and of course, over 650 deer who roam through the park. Due to its size, you’ll always find somewhere quiet to have your picnic this summer.

Victoria Park

Sometimes simply referred to as the ‘people’s park’, Victoria Park has earned this name – it is another space which is very popular with London natives, but lesser-known amongst those staying in the city for only a short while. Situated in the East End, it opened in 1845, and there’s always space for you to indulge in a picnic, or take a trip along the river in a row boat – there’s plenty available to rent throughout the week, for the perfect picturesque day out while visiting the San Domenico House Hotel.

Clapham Common

This park is so bustling with activity that it might seem like an odd inclusion to a list detailing the more obscure places to picnic, but the scale of the place makes sure you’ll still find solitude and seclusion, even if all around you there are people jogging, playing football, cycling past or simply enjoying a little summer sun in the park. All walks of life are drawn to this spot, thanks to its welcoming atmosphere – if you want to picnic like a London local, this is a great way to do just that.