Quality quartet: how to get the most out of London’s Chelsea?

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Looked upon by many as the height of luxury in the UK capital, the district that’s West London’s Chelsea is famed not just for its über-wealthy residents, it’s globally recognised football club and its ‘Swinging Sixties’ connection, but also for its extraordinarily elegant and almost always charismatic architecture, charming antiques houses, jewellery vendors and high-class fashion boutiques. Fair enough. But to get the absolute most out of this small but most distinguished of London districts – after all, it’s the one you’ve chosen to stay in above all others in the city – what exactly should you focus on doing and giving a go while you’re here…?

Eating out

Let’s face it; it’s hard to top Restaurant Gordon Ramsey (68 Royal Hospital Road SW3 4HP) when it comes to an evening’s fine dining. Having built itself to a position where it’s now the proud owner of three Michelin stars, this is an establishment that’s simply all about culinary excellence. Be aware, though, that it’s not somewhere to slope into like your local curry house; smart dress is required to accompany the fine dining, so it’s just the place to frequent with a significant other on a romantic weekend break spent at the likes of our own, very nearby-located San Domenico hotel London.

Shopping till you drop

If you’re heading to this part of the capital on the strength of its shopping reputation then you’ve made an excellent choice. Because, don’t doubt it for a second, you can definitely let Chelsea take care of you when it comes to the very best clothing and style options. Crammed full of terrifically trendy boutiques, high-end chain stores and luxury brand outlets, the King’s Road – the thoroughfare that’s Chelsea’s aorta – is famed for its high-quality fashion shopping; meanwhile, Duke of York Square’s where to head for stores like All Saints and Michael Kors. Can you ask for more?

Fancy a drink?

If you’ve seen any of the hit ‘reality series’ Made in Chelsea (don’t worry; if so, we won’t judge!), then you’ll have doubtlessly heard – even be aware – of Juju (316-18 King’s Road SW3 5UH). An upmarket DJ bar populated by leather-seated booths and an irresistible reflective ceiling, this is the place, of an evening, to relax and lounge about in with (if you fancy) never-ending champagne and cocktails. Plus, of course, come the night, it’s a haven for many a famous face who live in and around the area; many of them only too happy to be seen in public splashing the cash.

Unrivalled accommodation

Now, what you’ve read so far is all very well, of course it is, but unless you’ve sorted out for yourself some decent accommodation in the Chelsea area it’s, well, not going to mean a great deal, frankly. Because, any short-break spent indulging and pampering yourself away from home is only as good as the place you book for your stay. So, if we may say so ourselves, why not consider a stay spent with us at San Domenico House?

One of the most exquisite, charming and yet best-appointed boutique hotels in the entire Kensington and Chelsea area, each of our luxury suites Chelsea London is individually furnished to feel like a true home-away-home with a touch of luscious luxury. Because if you’re staying in the environs of our area, let’s face it; you’re really not doing it right, unless you do it with more than a touch of luxury!