Top Football Clubs in London


For many Londoners, football is not just a sport but a way of life. As a result, there’re lots of great football-centric locations for you to explore during your own visit.

England’s top football division is known as the Premier League, and five of the twenty teams in the league are based in London, with thirteen clubs in total dotted around the city. In addition, a number of Championship League clubs are located in London. A lot of history is shared between these teams, lending even more reasons to learn more about the football clubs in the city…


One of the biggest teams in North London, Arsenal have continued to be a standout of each football season and swiftly rose to become a major fixture of the Premier League. They have won the FA Cup eight times since 1993, an impressive achievement by anyone’s standards.

Based at the Emirates Stadium, visitors can discover lots about Arsenal’s history on a visit, making this an ideal activity for guests at 5 star hotels in Chelsea.


Despite their name, Chelsea are not actually based in Chelsea at all, but in Stamford Bridge. However, Chelsea is forever connected with West London, and the team has won the Premier League four times.

A trip to Stamford Bridge is the ideal way to find out more about Chelsea’s history and plans for the future.


Since their founding in 1882, Tottenham have continued to grow their following and their reputation. Their major heyday is still regarded as the 1960s, when they achieved a number of firsts in sporting history – most prominently as the first English club to score a big European trophy.

They continue to be a solid team with much to recommend them, and a dedicated fan-base. The club is based at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which offers a capacity of over sixty-two thousand seats – ideal for catching a game while staying at luxury hotels in Chelsea.

Crystal Palace

Promoted to the Premier League in 2013, Crystal Palace has since remained in this position thanks to great management and plenty of ambition. Their home ground is Selhurst Park, which has proudly represented the team since 1924.

The stadium has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment, offering an increasingly luxurious way to enjoy a football match while staying at 5 star hotels in Chelsea. There are also ample opportunities to discover more about Crystal Palace itself while you’re here.

West Ham

This football club was founded in 1885, and was originally based in Upton Park. In 2016, they made the move to the London Stadium. West Ham are a critically-acclaimed club, though they have rarely been considered to be particularly glamorous, and neither have they won many trophies.

However, the club more than makes up for this in its reputation as a major institution of the East End of London, with many dedicated fans always ready to support and defend their favourite team.