Top Vineyards or Breweries in London


Londoners are fond of a tipple, and thankfully there are plenty of great spaces in the city offering a wide variety of beers, wines and ales.

If wine bars and pubs aren’t really you’re scene – or you’d rather learn more about the process of creating these drinks while enjoying a few glasses yourself – then the following top spots should be on your London itinerary…

Beavertown Brewery

Located in Tottenham, Beavertown Brewery is named after the traditional cockney term used for the somewhat gentrified district it occupies. The brewery includes both a traditional brewing station and a taproom, where you can enjoy    a wide variety of their specialities.

Beavertown Brewery is best known for its colourful labels and eccentric details, so if you’re in the mood for something a little different while stating at the Hotel San Domenico London, this is a great place to start.

London Cru

This ‘urban winery’ was started by an Australian, but has a distinctively British flair. The winery itself serves many of the area’s top restaurants and sources its grapes from some of Britain and Europe’s most significant vineyards.

Regular taster sessions and tours allow you to taste some of their finest wines straight from the barrel while staying at your Chelsea hotel in London.

Big Smoke Brew Co.

Notable in part for its dedication towards a vegan-friendly brewing process, Big Smoke Brew Co. makes beers free from additives, and offers regular tasting sessions at the adjoined pub The Antelope.

For a guilt-free approach to your favourite brews, this is a fantastic place to visit while you’re in the city.

Blackbook Winery

This urban winery is situated in Battersea, and produces mainly chardonnay and pinot noir. Blackbook Winery focuses on high quality variants of English wine, and also offers winery tours and tastings at special times throughout the year.

Joining a tour is a great way to discover more about wine production in Britain, and by testing some of the wines on offer you can get a feel for the flavours which are particularly resonant with a UK audience.

Bexley Brewery

This is another of London’s most popular and prestigious breweries, within easy reach of the Hotel Dan Domenico London. It’s the only brewery in its borough and its brews are also notable for their packaging, which includes images of ring-necked parakeets – a feature of the surrounding area.

Brixton Brewery

Family-run by several generations, Brixton Brewery has a strong emphasis on community spirit, which makes it a friendly place to enjoy a few drinks.

Situated in the heart of Brixton, it’s a fixture of the local area and beloved by locals, who can regularly be found sampling the beers on offer.

Long Arm Pub & Brewery

First opening over 200 years ago, the Ealing Park Tavern is also home to its own brewery, the Long Arm Brewing Company. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of different ales and beers, which have been created on-site by skilled and enthusiastic professionals.