Visiting on business: what to consider in Kensington and Chelsea

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shutterstock 552436384

Few cities in the world serve a business traveller better than the UK capital. One of the most essential of the world’s business centres, London enjoys millions of businesspeople passing through it each year. But where in the city is best for a business meeting? Well, if you’re fortunate enough to be staying in the Chelsea and Kensington district (especially in the San Domenico House hotel) you’ll have fallen on your feet – so long as you bear a few things in mind…

Pack clothes for all weathers

Let’s be honest; although the Chelsea and Kensington area’s a great one for holding a business meeting, the weather can be less elegant. At best, the UK weather could be described as temperamental (i.e. it can rain a lot – and at the drop of a hat). It’s critical then, so you don’t turn up at that all-important meeting, seminar or workshop looking like a drowned rat, you pack a variety of clothes that run the gamut when it comes to weather-appropriate and then, of course, try to pick out the correct clobber for each day of your stay; although that’s easier said than done! Above all, though, absolutely don’t forget an umbrella.

Book your accommodation in advance

London’s a popular place, make no mistake, and although it’s jam-packed with thousands of places to stay, pretty much all of them get booked up quickly. Very quickly. Especially those at the higher end of the scale, like boutique hotels Kensington London. In which case, it’s imperative you make sure you book your accommodation before your flight touches down and your black cab hits the streets of Chelsea. Whatever the type of place you book, make sure it’s comfortable, has decent Wi-Fi access and the further amenities you’ll need to ensure your downtime is as smooth and relaxing as possible.

Avoid rush-hour travel – if you can

Travelling in the rush hour in any major city, not least London, isn’t for novices – and, yes, here it’s strictly for the experienced; those who properly know where they’re going, what the best and quickest routes are and how not to hinder the transit of their fellow commuters, lest incurring their wrath (e.g. automatically standing on the correct side of escalators to let others walk up or down them). Sure, you’re in London for business, but unless you’re a London commuter, travelling at peak time amidst all the road traffic and masses that fill up the Tube trains can be a hazardous business. Note: weekday rush hours run between roughly 7.30am and 10am/ 4.30pm and 7pm.

Identify a business lunch/ dinner venue

Finally, when you’re on a business trip you’re bound, at some point or another, to mix work with pleasure by either putting on or attending a business lunch or dinner. For that occasion (unless it’s a working lunch/ dinner that would no doubt be held at your temporary work premises), you’ll need a suitable venue… well, Chelsea and Kensington are full of them, for sure. But one – or, rather, two – you can’t go wrong with are the pair of Aubaine restaurants (37-45 Kensington High Street W8 5ED/ 260-262 Brompton Road SW3 2AS). To be found in excellent locations then, they’re ideal for daytime dining – either a tasty yet quick lunch – or a long, lingering, relaxed dinner topped off with a terrific wine list and an awesome choice of cocktails. Perfect for blowing away the cobwebs at the end of a successful business trip!