Visiting RA Lates: Summer Pleasure Garden at the Royal Academy

Royal Academy Piccadilly

If you’re spending your summer in London, then there is no better spot than the Summer Pleasure Garden at the Royal Academy to while away a beautiful evening. The RA Lates event will help you experience one of the city’s top venues in a whole new way – and is sure to prove popular with both visitors and locals alike. In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at what to expect during your own visit….

What are RA Lates?

The Royal Academy is one of the most remarkable spots for events, with the perfect backdrop to a wide variety of activities and a real enthusiasm for the arts. With the RA Lates event, the venue will be transformed into a Georgian-era pleasure garden for an unforgettable evening for all those enjoying romantic hotel deals in London.

Making the most of the stunning tree-lined avenues and landscaped gardens which the property provides, the gardens will be flocked with lanterns and other atmospheric touches, giving Londoners a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a few hours and listen to live music while sampling the various events taking place in the gardens.

Key events to look forward to include:

Illuminated garden

With lavish touches and stunning illuminations, the gardens will form the main event for many visitors, with a range of art installations and performances, as well as an on-site tea house for refreshments. Guests can expect live DJ sets throughout the night, as well as more avant-garde fare from the likes of performers Flora Bradwell and Chris Illankovan.

Summer Ball

Music events in london

Billed as a ‘multi-sensory’ event, the summer ball will provide visitors with live music, dancing and light shows, all beneath the summer sky.

Pavilion and galleries

There’s lots going on indoors, with the historic city palace providing a range of Georgian-era games and Georgian-inspired performances in incredible, authentic surroundings. For history buffs who are staying at the San Domenico House Chelsea London, this is sure to be a major draw. Visitors can look forward to a real party atmosphere, with dancing and after-dinner-style games ranging from cards to paper games sourced from true pleasure garden culture.

Lodges and parkland

Here visitors can explore the life drawing room and try their hand at some sketching of garden animals, or see the theatrical-style marionettes on display.

Temple and amphitheatre

Here you will find everything from voguing workshops to eclectic DJ sets, as well as karaoke and an on-site espresso martini coffee-house to help keep you alert.

Street food and cocktails

There’ll be plenty of cocktail bars and street food stalls at the property, serving lots of delicious local and international fare.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online at the official website. Prices differ depending on whether you are opting for a general or VIP ticket, as a way to make the event extra special while staying at the San Domenico House Chelsea London.

When is the event?

The Royal Academy (RA) Lates event will take place on Saturday 20th July 2019 at 7pm.