What’s On at The Royal Court Theatre?

Royal albert hall

The Royal Court Theatre is one of London’s best theatrical venues, and regularly hosts a vast array of different productions catering to an equally varied selection of tastes. In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at what’s on in the next few weeks…

A History of Water Middle East

Until 16th November 2019

A globe-trotting play directed by Stef O’Driscoll, this production takes in twelve countries and uses a combination of poetry, theatre and music to weave a complex tale.

With both British and Egyptian heritage, Sabrina Mahfouz was fascinated by the rivers she lived close to while growing up – including the Thames and the Nile. Having become a spy, she soon realises that this blended heritage can be considered an intelligence risk, and begins to explore the interconnected waterways of Britain and the Middle East, as well as how these have impacted the lives of people in both locations.

On Bear Ridge

Until 23rd November 2019

Written by Ed Thomas, the co-creator of TV drama Hinterland, On Bear Ridge is currently playing at the Royal Court Theatre until the end of November. The play focuses on an abandoned village, and tells the tale of two owners of a petrol station drinking and reminiscing on prior good times – unaware a silent menace stalks them outside.

Dramatic and rooted in nostalgia, it’s a semi-autobiographical tale which is sure to impress true theatre fans staying at a Chelsea Hotel in London this winter.

Midnight Movie

Until 21st December 2019

A creative production which combines spoken English with audio description and captioning, the show also takes a particularly immersive approach – engaging with the audience throughout the event.

Experimental to the core, Midnight Movie was first developed in collaboration with award-winning writers and producers, helping to make it a great night of theatre while staying at your hotel next to Harrods.

A Kind of People

Until 18th January 2020

A play set amid the complexities of modern British society, this show was developed by Gurpreeet Kaur Bhatti, An award-winning screenwriter, she has written for a variety of different formats including the screen, stage and radio. The characters are complex enough to feel relatable, and there’s plenty to keep audiences entertained during their stay at a nearby Chelsea Hotel in London.

Scenes With Girls

Until 22nd February 2020

A complex exploration of female friendship, this show has been directed by an associate director of the Royal Court, Lucy Morrison. Over 22 scenes, audiences will be treated to the story of Tosh and Lou, two girls determined not to become a cliché – and see how they plan on escaping some of the pitfalls of modern womanhood.

As an added bonus, the play has been written by Miriam Battye, who will be taking part in special Q&A sessions after specific performances. This free event is designed to allow viewers to get more involved in understanding the inspirations behind the tale.